Why a Fractional Executive?

In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing business environment, it’s becoming increasingly important for companies to be flexible and adaptable. One way to achieve this is by hiring a fractional leader or an interim or part-time executive. A fractional leader is an experienced business professional hired to fill a temporary leadership role, typically for a specific project or period. This article will explore the value of hiring a fractional leader and how they can benefit your organization.


Hiring a full-time executive can be expensive, especially for small and medium-sized businesses. A fractional leader provides the expertise of a seasoned executive without the cost of a full-time salary and benefits package. Fractional leaders are typically paid hourly or on a project basis, making them more cost-effective than full-time employees.


Fractional leaders offer businesses the flexibility to bring in expertise when it’s needed without the long-term commitment of a full-time hire. They can be brought on for short-term projects or to fill in during transition or change. This flexibility allows businesses to adjust their leadership structure to meet changing needs.

Specialized expertise:

Fractional leaders are typically highly experienced professionals who deeply understand a specific business area. In addition, they can provide specialized finance, marketing, or operations expertise, which can be especially valuable for smaller companies needing more in-house resources or expertise.


Hiring a fractional leader can provide an objective perspective on your business. They are not invested in the day-to-day operations and can offer an outside perspective on challenges and opportunities. This can be especially valuable for businesses too close to a problem to see the best solution.

Leadership development:

Working with a fractional leader can be a valuable learning opportunity for existing employees. In addition, fractional leaders can provide mentorship and leadership development to help build your current team’s skills, which can help create a stronger, more effective leadership team over time.

Hiring a fractional leader is a cost-effective, flexible, and specialized solution to your business’s leadership needs. They can provide objectivity and leadership development opportunities while bringing your organization a fresh perspective and valuable expertise. If you’re looking for a way to meet your leadership needs without committing to a long-term hire, consider hiring a fractional leader.

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Rich Jones is the Founder/Principal of Leading2Leadership LLC. Before starting his strategic planning agency, he spent over 20 years in leadership roles in the financial services sector. Before becoming an executive in the financial services sector, Rich was an entrepreneur, building and selling two businesses and working for early-stage start-up companies in executive roles in marketing, business development, and seeking investment partners. With more than three decades of experience, he brings innovative thought to companies and executives. Rich published “Leading2Leadership, a Situational Primer to Leadership Excellence.” The book is available on Amazon.com and was designed to be used as a book study for leadership development programs; it breaks leadership skills into manageable situations for discussion and reflection. Rich works with credit unions, CUSOs, and vendors, designing digital, data, culture, marketing, and branding transformation strategies. In 2014, Chosen as a Credit Union Rock Star by CU Magazine, and in 2018, Rich received the Lifetime Achievement Award from CUNA Marketing and Business Development Council. A Marine and graduate of Colorado State University, Jones shares his expertise at www.leading2leadership.com.

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