Whether you are new to the senior leadership team, have been an executive, or aspire to take that next step, your learning and growth cannot plateau. Also, as an executive, you have the added responsibilities of mentoring and coaching your teams, quickly toggling from tactics to strategy, and accepting the responsibilities of BIG objectives, while keeping that critical balance between work, life, friends, and family.

This balancing act can be, at times, overwhelming and all-consuming. At Leading2Leadership LLC, we are here to help you navigate your work and your life and to help you answer these questions:

  • Do you have high-potential team members that you want to secure on your team?
  • Are you struggling with some prickly conversations that you have to have with an employee or your boss?Are you being asked to take on a new responsibility that seems laden with risk?
  • Do you feel you are not being challenged or stretched in your role?
  • Do you feel your work isn’t being acknowledged?
  • Do you feel like others’ perceptions of you need to be improved?
  • Do you want to prepare yourself for your next career step?

There are solutions to these questions in the following resources:

The Leadership Mentor – Do you want to hone or develop your leadership competencies? This virtual (Zoom) leadership development course will help you develop better leadership skills. This is not a theory course but a course that focuses on leadership behaviors, self-awareness, and building a leadership presence.

The Leadership Coach – Are there times you want to talk to someone unbiased who will provide new perspectives or ideas? To successfully navigate this journey, it is not just helpful but essential to have an independent ear and voice that will walk the path with you. The sole purpose of this engagement is to listen, support, provide guidance, challenge, and celebrate your journey with you. Your Coach fulfills a sounding board, confidant, disciplinarian, coach, and mentor role to help you see those blind spots and triggers hampering your professional or personal growth; someone invested in you becoming the best version of you.

Executive Coaching – Are you ready to prepare for your next step into the C-suite? It may be time for an executive coach. Do you, at times, feel the loneliness of the top? It may be time for an experienced coach and mentor who would listen to your challenges and facilitate the thought process of working through them. This resource will help you make the best decisions, help you learn how to manage Board challenges, and provide you with an outlet for frustration, anxiety, and present building.

Need help?

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