The Leadership Mentor – A Two-Day Workshop


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“There is no such thing as a born leader.

Leadership is a learned and mentored skill.”

The Leadership MentorA Two-Day Workshop

Who should participate?

  • Anyone who is or aspires to be a leader.

Coarse Format:

The Leadership Mentor is an a two half-day onsite sessions plus each participant will complete a pre-session Leadership Self-Assessment. The Leadership Self-Assessment will be email in advance of the meeting and is to be completed and returned to before the first class.

Two Half-Day Session Descripition:

This hands-on workshop will teach you the skills to become a more influential and competent leader. Almost every class has actionable lessons you can apply immediately in your role. The eight lessons are:

  1. Learn how to be an Authentic Leader
  2. Discover your emotional triggers
  3. Learn your blind spots
  4. Understand how to use EQ (Emotional Quotient)
  5. Improve your ability to influence
  6. Learn how to build and sustain a high-performing team
  7. Learn the importance of choosing a mentor
  8. Set your leadership and career goals

In addition to these eight classes, four classes per day, enrollees will also participate in a one-hour, one-to-one assessment review of their complete Leadership Self-Assessment.

Cost – $8000 plus reasonable travel expenses

What are people saying?


“I first met Rich in 2017, and I immediately recognized him as someone I wanted to learn from. Since then, he has been a wonderful mentor, helping me navigate my career, correct blind spots, and improve my leadership skills. Rich’s diverse background and experience position him as an expert in guiding complex problems. In addition, he has an extensive background in financial services, specifically in marketing, data analytics, and strategic planning. As a result, Rich has helped me prepare for career advancement opportunities, recently moving into a C-Level role. Rich’s thoughtful guidance has helped me become a better leader, and he has challenged me to grow both personally and professionally.”


“I began working with Rich in 2019 to improve my emotional intelligence. I aimed to learn to be an influential leader and improve my relationships and communication. Rich provided me with tools, resources, and dialog to meet my goals. In addition, he challenged me to grow and truly learn how to listen to understand, which is the key to emotional intelligence and influence. Under Rich’s guidance, I gained self-awareness and an improved ability to build and maintain relationships.”


“Building your bench doesn’t happen automatically. It takes intentionality. And as we teach our clients, there is a big difference between being a manager and a leader. So if you are looking for managers to become leaders, I highly recommend this course from Rich Jones. He knows leadership, and most importantly, he knows how to develop your leaders.”


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