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Decisions, disruptions, concerns, challenges? It can be lonely at the top.

As an executive, you face vital decisions. However, hearing an outside voice from someone who understands the movement and business is often challenging. That’s where an Executive Coach brings value. This seasoned industry expert is a sounding board, offers alternatives, and provides new ways to look at the questions before you make a critical decision or face a challenge.

How The Executive Coach works

The Executive Coach is a six-month service. It includes Zoom meetings of one hour two times per month. Also, the program consists of “ad hoc” conversations for those times and situations when you are facing a problem or crisis that has urgency.

What will you get from The Executive Coach?

  • A sounding board – Do you want to try something new? Are you facing a difficult decision? Are you feeling isolated? Are you looking at a career or personal decision?
  • A confidant – Do you need to vent? Do you struggle with a professional or personal relationship and need to voice your thoughts?
  • A disciplinarian – Are there areas of your personal growth that needs work? Do you need to be held accountable to someone who can monitor your progress independently of your boss? Do you need someone that will keep you to your commitments? Do you need someone who can offer improvement based on experience and not just theory?
  • A coach – Are you seeking a new way to approach a career or personal problem? Are you facing a difficulty that have you stumped? Are there areas of personal or leadership development that you’d like help to correct? Are you choosing directions in work, home, or relationships and want someone to encourage and challenge you?
  • A mentor – Are you seeking someone to listen, learn, and prove thoughts and ideas when appropriate? Do you need someone to help you see those things/blindspots hampering your professional or personal growth? Are there things that “trigger” you and result in you acting out or reacting badly and wanting help to work through those challenges? Are you seeking someone invested in you becoming your best version possible?
  • To build and improve your relationship with your Board of Directors – As their only employee, Directors can often feel the need to micro-manage you or your staff.
    • Are you seeking alternative ways to broach challenging ideas, subjects, or changes with the board?
    • Are you seeking ways to improve your communications with the board?
    • Would you like alternative strategies and tactics to move the board out of the weeds?
    • Would you like to ping your thoughts on board development with a neutral third party?
    • Do you have a safe place you can discuss your board concerns?

Becoming the best Executive takes work. But it also requires you to learn and address your strengths and weakness. But just managing them is not enough. Self-improvement also requires accountability to yourself and often another person to ensure you do the personal growth work you need. It requires another person to help you identify what you are doing well and what you need to improve. Finally, a coach/mentor is necessary to help you and your organization achieve your goals.

Who is appropriate for The Executive Coach?

Executive coaching is appropriate for professionals who sincerely desire to hear alternative perspectives on their decisions and challenges. The best time to start is when you are in a position where you manage or influence others or when you are preparing for that next step into the realm of the C-suite. Sometimes, anyone with the responsibilities of decision-making or people management will need a coach/mentor.

How will leadership help me?

Working with an executive coach will accomplish two things in your personal and professional life:

  1. It will help you make better and more thoughtful and balanced decisions
  2. It will help you change and improve your organization
  3. It will enhance your self-image and confidence during difficult times
  4. It will make you more confident with your decisions
  5. It will give you a pathway to becoming a better executive and person

The time commitment:

  • A structured conversation twice per month for one hour.
  • Coach is available during the relationship term via phone, email, text, or Zoom as urgent issues arise.
  • When travel is required, the expenses are invoiced as incurred.

Length of the relationship:

  • Six months unless extended or canceled.
  • If canceled before one year, the agreed-upon retainer will be paid for the month of cancellation.

What The Executive Coach costs

The fee for this service is $1600 per month. The total for the six-month service retainer $9,600 to be paid at the inception

Call Rich at 720.256.4936 or email at for payment options.

What others say:

“I can attest to Rich’s deep wisdom and ability to listen intently, think critically, and challenge your ideas with precision and focus. If you are looking for an executive coach to simply ‘tickle your ears,’ – keep scrolling. Rich is an amazing leader, coach, and all-around good human who will challenge and refine you. Rich’s advice and direction are worth their weight in gold.” Mia Vista Perez

Although this is a twelve-month service, The Leadership Coach service is cancelable at any time, with the full fee will be due for the month the service is canceled. 


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