Rising Leaders

Whether you are currently a manager or aspiring to take on a more prominent leadership role in your career path, it is time to become a lifelong learner, develop leadership skills and presence, and take ownership of your career. 

Adding these new goals to your busy life is not easy and often takes an invested partner to help keep you on track. That is where Leading2Leadership LLC comes in. We are here to help you answer the following questions:

  • What do I need to do differently or better to have a better chance at a promotion when the opportunity arises?
  • Is there a way I can learn to remove my blind spots so that I see things more completely?
  • What can I do to manage better the triggers that result in reactions that are unhealthy or damaging to my reputation?
  • How can I learn to be a more authentic leader?
  • Are there ways I can improve my emotional quotient to deal with people and situations better?
  • How do I identify a mentor and define how we will work together?
  • How do I briefly describe my leadership style that communicates my competence?
  • How do I change others’ perceptions of me to be seen as leadership material?

There are solutions to these questions in the following resources:

  • The Leadership Mentor – Do you want to hone or develop your leadership competencies? This virtual (Zoom) leadership development course will help you develop better leadership skills. This is not a theory course but a course that focuses on leadership behaviors, self-awareness, and building a leadership presence.
  • The Leadership Coach – Are there times you want to talk to someone unbiased who will provide new perspectives or ideas? To successfully navigate this journey, it is not just helpful but essential to have an independent ear and voice that will walk the path with you. The sole purpose of this engagement is to listen, support, provide guidance, challenge, and celebrate your journey with you. Your Coach is your sounding board, confidant, disciplinarian, coach, and mentor to help you see those blind spots and triggers hampering your professional or personal growth, someone invested in you becoming your best version.

Need help?

If you seek to align your culture to your mission, purpose, promise, and values, contact Rich at 720.256.4936 or Rich@l2ldev.flywheelsites.com.