The Holistic Executive Evaluation



A Process to Understanding a CEO’s and other Key Executive’s Leadership Competencies.

Boards of Directors often need help understanding the performance of a CEO or other key executive. Sure, hitting the financial numbers is essential, but an Executive Leader is more than just the Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Key Ratios. The Executive’s leadership style and competency, transparency with all stakeholders, Emotional Quotient, connectivity with employees across the organization, community engagement, and staff trust are more nuanced and challenging to evaluate. The difficulty of being able to review the Executive beyond the financial results is complicated because the Board is sometimes isolated from the voices of all the stakeholders.

The only way for the Board can understand the total performance of an Executive is with a Holistic Executive Evaluation. Here is the process:

Phase One – Pre-evaluation Preparation

An HR leader typically does this phase.

Create a list of 30-50 stakeholders that includes:

  • Members of the Board
  • Chair of the Supervisory Committee
  • All C-suite Executives
  • All “skip report” Executives (one report away from a direct report)
  • A random cross-section of mid-level managers.
  • A random cross-section of all other employees.

Phase Two – Evaluation Interviews

Rich at Leading2Leadeship LLC will conduct 50-minute one-to-one interviews with each stakeholder. These interviews will aim to learn each interviewee’s perspective on the executive’s leadership competencies, cultural alignment, level of trust, perceived EQ, relationship-building skills with all stakeholders, and communication capabilities.

These interviews can be done onsite over four days or remotely via Zoom.

Phase Three – Holistic Executive Evaluation (HEE)

This report details all the learnings from the Evaluation Interviews, identifying the strengths, weaknesses, gaps, successes, and opportunities. The Board can be used to evaluate fully the more nuanced skills of the executive and will include recommendations on ways the executive can build on their strengths and improve on their weaknesses. The HEE will be delivered to the Chairperson within 30 days after completion of Phase 2.

Phase Four – Pre-CEO Review Board Meeting

This Phase is an in-person facilitated meeting with Rich and the Board to present, review, and discuss the HEE and to identify the development opportunities for the Executive.

Engagement Fee – $30,000


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