Data Governance Workshop

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Data Governance Workshop

Garbage in and garbage out do not have to define your reporting capabilities.

This virtual workshop is designed to provide you with the steps to creating a disciplined process for Data Governance.


Rich Jones – President/Founder, Leading2Leadership LLC

Who should participate in this course?

  • Current supervisors, managers, or executives face data challenges, whether in the technical side of sourcing data to ETL (extract, transform, load) data to business unit reporting.
  • Anyone that wants to help move their financial institution (FI) to be data-driven

Data Governance – A Professional Development Workshop

Workshop description

A typical FI has 30+ data sources outside of its core operating system. The data arrives from these sources in different formats, with inconsistent definitions and labels, and at other times of the day and month.

This hands-on workshop will give you the tactics to make your data more trustworthy, reliable, and consistent. Almost every class has actionable lessons that you can apply immediately. The five categories are:

  1. What is Data Governance
    • The definition
    • The reason is data governance important
    • Learn the value of a data inventory
    • Learn the elements
  2. Data definitions
    • Why consistent data definitions are important
    • Review a data dictionary with standard terms
  3. Data normalization
    • Learn the key challenges in the normalization of data
      1. Timing
      2. Query
      3. Data import complications
    • Learn what a Semantic layer is
  4. Data Ownership
    • Who owns data?
    • Who manages data?
    • Example of a business intelligence unit org structure
  5. Building a sustainable Data Governance discipline
    • The Data Governance Committee
    • The Internal Analytics Summit

Course Format:

Data Governance is a weekly online Zoom course with virtual lectures and conversations.

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Cancellation Policy

If a fee is charged for a session, the following cancellation policy applies. A 30% cancellation fee will apply if a student cancels enrollment in writing within five calendar days after the first date of instruction AND has not attended or downloaded any portion of the course/ program. Such refund shall be made no later than thirty days after cancellation. This provision shall not apply where a student has already started attending classes and accesses course material. A student who attends any class and accesses the course material for any or all of the Data Education Series will be deemed to have taken the class and have received all required course material. Therefore, the student will be obligated for the entire course cost (course and registration fees).



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