CEO2CEOs – CEOs mentoring CEOs Group


CEOs need confidential support and coaching. This is a one-year commitment so the attendees develop a bond and become better at supporting and relying on each other; leveraging each participant’s knowledge and experience to find solutions to challenges and problems they are solving. Nothing is better than a group of people wading in the same pool as you.


What is the CEO2CEO Mentoring Group (C2C)?

The CEO2CEO Mentoring Group is a group of ten current CEOs. The C2C is a facilitated two-hour Zoom meeting once per month hosted by Rich Jones at Leading2Leadership LLC.

What is the purpose of C2C?

The group’s goal is to have a facilitated conversation, CEO to CEO, to talk frankly with peers about the challenges, stresses, anxieties, and fears faced and look to each other for input, ideas, brainstorming, and problem-solving. In addition, C2C presents an excellent opportunity for CEOs to help each other identify solutions and share advice on their challenges through input and consultation with others who have faced similar challenges.

How does it work?

Rich Jones will interview CEO candidates for inclusion in a CEO2CEO group. Once ten participants have been approved, a monthly two-hour window will be identified for a meeting via Zoom. Each participant will have a chance to bring a current challenge or problem they would like insights about from the other CEOs. Even when a participant doesn’t have a challenge or concern for the group in a given session, they are asked to attend to mentor and coach the other participants.

What is the commitment?

  • Attend at least six of the scheduled sessions during the year. The goal is to have at least five attendees at each meeting.
  • Each C2C participant will bring any challenges to the group, and in return, the participants will share their personal experiences with similar situations and share ideas to help solve the challenge.
  • All conversations are to be held in confidence. What happens at C2C stays at C2C.
  • Attendance is important. More participants in each session make the discussions more impactful for all attendees.

This is a facilitated conversation by Rich Jones. Rich will manage the discussions to ensure all voices are heard, and all concerns are addressed within the allotted time.


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