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Falling into a Great Career

What do you want to be when you grow up?  When you are little, it was magical to imagine what you might grow up to be: a ballerina, singer, movie star (or today a YouTube star), an astronaut – the list goes on. Every choice sounded and felt achievable. However, then you got to high…

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Career Setback or “The Sky Is Falling”

If it hasn’t happened yet, it will. Suddenly, seemingly out of the blue, you get; pick one: Demoted, laid off, fired, passed over, or criticized for your execution of a project. What happens next will determine your future for a long, long time. When a career setback happens, it will most likely be very emotional.…

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A Career Transition Essential – Staying Relevant

Navigating a career is never easy. There will be obstacles and disappointments. There will be joys and celebrations. At times, even new opportunities come to you from “out of the blue.” It is when those obstacles, disappointment, and “out of the blue” situations happen is when the true grit of a leader comes to the…

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Quiet, Is it Selfish or Scared?

When leading a team and a decision is needed, what happens? Is it silence or negotiation and debate? Let’s assume that the right people have been assembled for the team; you have the subject-matter experts to be able to make the right decisions. But just having the right experts at the table does not guarantee…

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