Situations a Credit Union Should Use a Fractional Executive

Credit unions often face unique challenges that require expert guidance. In many cases, hiring a full-time executive may not be feasible or necessary. This is where fractional executives come into play. A fractional executive is an experienced professional who provides their expertise part-time or temporarily. The following are situations in which a credit union should consider using a fractional executive.

Strategic Planning and Growth Initiatives

Credit unions often need to develop and execute strategic plans to expand their member base, increase their assets, and remain competitive. It is not unusual that the existing team has little experience building business plans to attain strategic objectives. Fractional executives with expertise in strategic planning can assist in formulating and implementing growth strategies. They bring a fresh perspective and knowledge to identify growth opportunities, assess market trends, and devise effective business plans.

Interim or Temporary Chief Marketing Officer

In the digital age, credit unions must effectively market their services to engage their members and remain competitive. A fractional marketing executive can provide valuable insights and strategies to enhance member engagement, develop marketing campaigns, and optimize digital presence. These professionals can bring creative ideas, innovation, and best practices to the table, but more importantly, help train and transition the marketing team to a new reality.

Interim or Temporary Chief Experience Officer

Credit unions often find existing staff mired in the day-to-day and business—the demands of the urgent hampers the organization’s ability to deliver on the critical, strategic work. An interim executive can help bring a new mindset of thought, process, and practice to the organization while helping the entire organization evolve to a new way of serving the members and the community.

Special Projects and Transitions

Credit unions may occasionally need expertise for specific projects, such as mergers and acquisitions, new product launches, or cultural transformations. Fractional executives can provide specialized knowledge and guidance for these projects without the long-term commitment of hiring a full-time executive.

Crisis Management

During times of crisis, such as economic downturns or unexpected disruptions like a pandemic, credit unions may require immediate assistance from seasoned professionals. Fractional executives with crisis management experience can help credit unions navigate turbulent waters, make strategic decisions, and ensure the institution’s stability and resilience.

Fractional executives are versatile professionals who can offer credit unions valuable expertise without the commitment and long-term expense of a full-time hire. In various situations, from strategic planning to crisis management, these experts can provide the guidance necessary to help credit unions thrive in an ever-changing financial landscape. By considering the specific needs of their credit union, boards, and leadership can make informed decisions about when and how to leverage a fractional executive to achieve their goals.


Rich Jones is the Founder/Principal of Leading2Leadership LLC. Before starting his strategic planning agency, he spent over 20 years in leadership roles in the financial services sector. Before becoming an executive in the financial services sector, Rich was an entrepreneur, building and selling two businesses and working for early-stage start-up companies in executive roles in marketing, business development, and seeking investment partners. With more than three decades of experience, he brings innovative thought to companies and executives. Rich published “Leading2Leadership, a Situational Primer to Leadership Excellence.” The book is available on and was designed to be used as a book study for leadership development programs; it breaks leadership skills into manageable situations for discussion and reflection. Rich works with credit unions, CUSOs, and vendors, designing digital, data, culture, marketing, and branding transformation strategies. In 2014, Chosen as a Credit Union Rock Star by CU Magazine, and in 2018, Rich received the Lifetime Achievement Award from CUNA Marketing and Business Development Council. A Marine and graduate of Colorado State University, Jones shares his expertise at

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