Who Benefits from Cheaper IT Integrations?

CUFX Standards is a cooperative effort of credit unions and vendors developing uniform standards of integration that are core and vendor agnostic and at little or no cost to credit union.

The goal of CUFX is to provide a way that credit unions, large and small can integrate technologies more quickly and at less cost.

Recent integrations are showing the cost of integration has been reduced by 50+% and the time to market is cut in half when CUFX Standards are used in the implementation.

How does CUFX benefit IT?

  • Your project queue list gets acted on faster
  • New technologies get to market faster
  • Your IT resources are more efficient and effective
  • Your budget is easier to prioritize

How does CUFX benefit Lending?

  • It’s easier and faster to integrate online and mobile loan applications
  • It’s easier and faster to integrate collections software
  • Loans get funded faster and member access to loans is easier
  • Easier to get tools for tracking incentives, bonuses, adoptions and processing

How does CUFX benefit Marketing?

It will make it easier and faster to:

  • Integrate MCIF, CRMs and data analytic tools
  • Get tools in place for campaign tracking and trending
  • Tools in place for marketing ROIs
  • Install PFM and inbound marketing tools

How does CUFX benefit Collections?

It will make it easier and faster to integrate:

  • Real-time tools for delinquency tracking
  • Software to identify members under financial strain
  • Systems to track collection wins and incentives
  • Tools to track collection staff and agencies efforts

How does CUFX benefit HR?

It will make it easier and faster to integrate:

  • Tools for payroll and employee benefits
  • Software HSA and IRA vendors
  • Systems to track performance pay, incentives and bonuses
  • Tools to track garnishments, PTO, etc.

How does CUFX benefit Finance?

It will make it easier and faster to integrate:

  • ALM tools and software
  • Software to track delinquencies, repos and foreclosures
  • Systems to balance growth and churn
  • Tools to track expenses and ROAA

CUFX can make your credit union more efficient.

How to get involved:

  1. Adopt CUFX Standards before your next integration/implementation
  2. Invest in CUFX
  3. Provide IT support to CUFX Standards development

Contact Rich Jones, Marketing/BD CUFX, 720.256.4936 or busdev@CUFXStandards.com today for information – time is money!

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