How can a credit union or a community bank grow without a roadmap? It all begins with planning to set a vision and key milestones to get there.

Leading2Leadership has the expertise and experience to develop that roadmap to grow your brand today, and more importantly, for tomorrow.


At Leading2Leadership, we not only share our expertise and best practices for the following subjects, we also develop the implementation plans and set key milestones for execution. This allows the credit unions and community banks to:

• See what the end looks like
• Have a roadmap to deliver on that vision


Strategic planning should result in transformation and differentiation.

Strategic Planning

For credit unions and community banks seeking transformation and differentiation.

Sales & Marketing Strategy

Designing a sales/marketing plan that meets the financial institution’s KPIs, digital, conventional and branding.

Digital Transformation

Building a digital strategy that prepares the credit union or community bank to compete in the digital economy: branch, culture, operations, lending and risk tolerance.

Data Strategy

Designing a plan for aggregating and mining the wealth of data sources in the credit union or community bank so data can be used for strategic decisions and marketing efficiencies.

Cultural Transformation

A branded culture can differentiate the financial organization in a way that cannot be easily replicated. This is a process to help a financial institution fully understand their brand and leverage it to transform their service level, culture, and staff, at all levels.

Organizational Strategic Planning

Create a future of possibilities and differentiation for your credit union or community bank. These facilitated conversations will establish a clear direction for identifying your Mission, Purpose, and Promise and navigating the organization to your Vision of the future. We will identify what the “end” looks like, how it will be measured and set clear milestones along the way to monitor progress.

Business Development Strategy

Reinventing credit union business development to partner with employer groups of scale (100 or more employees).

Who We Are

Rich Jones

Proven Strategist and Leadership Coach

A published author and engaging speaker, Rich Jones is President/CEO/Principal for Leading2Leadership LLC. Prior to starting his own strategic planning agency, he was Senior Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Business Development with $1B Elements Financial FCU (previously known as Eli Lilly Federal Credit Union.) With more than three decades of leadership experience that included building entrepreneurial enterprises, he brings innovative thought and practices to credit unions, community banks and non-profit enterprises across the country.

A strategic leader, Rich has orchestrated transformational change in credit unions and community banks while working with senior management and boards or directors. He has also implemented strategies that allow marketing, business development, branding, and data management to have a significant impact on to key ratios and the balance sheet. In addition, he has led organizations into the science and art of using member data and market intelligence to design and deploy products, services and marketing messages that support sales efforts.

Characterized as a value driven entrepreneur, he is cautiously optimist while possessing a contagious sense of humor. He expertly delivers complex ideas and financial education in an engaging and humorous manner. A Marine and graduate of Colorado State University, Jones has been a frequent speaker and presenter at regional, national and international conferences in the banking and credit union sectors.


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