Leadership Development

“The most important job a supervisor, manager or executive has is developing new leaders within the organization.” 

Leadership isn’t about the title but it is about influence, empowerment, and trust. At Leading2Leadership (L2L) we work with the organization to help them gain clarity and consistency in their leadership culture, style, and model. This winning formula will yield more high performing teams, more innovation, more job satisfaction, more clarity on roles and create a great launching platform for an organization-wide succession plan and process.

The L2L process:

Executive Interviews – L2L meets with each member of your executive team to identify their style and philosophy of leadership. In this interviewing process we will discover the following:

  • What kind of leadership model each executive is following
  • The leadership philosophy of each executive
  • What kind of leadership each of them would like to see in the organization
  • What they know about the different types of leadership
    • Hierarchal (top down)
    • Servant
    • Command Control
    • Distributed

Diagnosing the Interviews – we identify the disruptors to creating a consistent leadership style and philosophy across the organization

Meeting of entire team to gain consensus – Define type of leadership culture, style, and philosophy the organization wants

Determine the gaps – between the existing leadership culture and the one the organization wants

Identify key tactics to close the gaps

Set milestones for these tactics

Define a communication plan – for the organization on the new leadership culture, attributes, and style

Define Measurements – how all levels of leadership will be measured via coaching sessions and performance reviews

Clearly, define consequences for “bad leadership behaviors”

Track completion of these tactics as this new model begins to be embedded in the culture

To define and develop a leadership model for your team, contact Rich at 720.256.4936 or Rich@leading2leadership.com