Achieve New Heights

Take your credit union to the next level by becoming more authentic and intentional as leaders and strategists. Realizing a future that meets and exceeds the organization's vision and mission will become the credit union’s “why.”  At Leading2Leadership, we enable credit unions to differentiate how they serve their teams, employees, and stakeholders in their market.

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning is about creating an exciting and differentiated future by identifying why and how the credit union wants to serve its members and the community in the future. A successful strategic plan establishes a clear roadmap grounded in its Mission, Values, and Vision. It also involves discovering where there are gaps in culture, leadership, and strategic alignment by building a strategic plan from the bottom up. This engagement will establish the execution discipline essential to attain strategic success.

Leadership Development

Leadership is not about power but about learning to influence, empower, and create trust. In this session, the organization gains clarity and consistency in its leadership culture, style, language, and model. The outcomes are higher-performing teams, more innovation, more job satisfaction, and a launching platform for an organization-wide succession plan.

Cultural Branding

Branding your culture cannot be taken for granted. It is essential to create a culture in which your team engages the members, each other, and the community in a way that differentiates how the credit union serves all stakeholders. Leveraging the organization’s mission, vision, and values will create consistency across the credit union.

Rich Jones

Keynote Speaker

"When presenting to audiences large or small, my goal is straightforward, engage them with enthusiasm, inspire them with ideas and motivate them to take the information and act."

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