Financial Wellness

Branching Strategy, It Starts with the Member

Historically branches are seen as transaction channels. Today, this view of branches has evolved and continues to evolve. Members and potential members like the convenience of brick and mortar, they like the demonstration of fiscal strength and security but the truth is, they rely less on branches for their daily, weekly and monthly transaction business…

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Five Strategic Questions for the Board and Senior Management

It’s a strange time for credit unions. Credit unions are facing unprecedented pressures from regulators and examiners, and capital pressures for net interest margins and fee income. Often they don’t have the benefit of “economies of scale” or the resources, people, and capital, to invest in the infrastructure demands of vendor due diligence, regulatory compliance…

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Financial Literacy vs Financial Wellness – a Consumer’s View

Credit unions and banks across the country have financial literacy on their to-do list, but what consumers need/want is a roadmap to financial wellness, not just financial literacy. Well, what’s the difference? Financial literacy is about understanding money basics. Typically the curriculum includes topics like “how to balance your checkbook,” “what is a savings account,”…

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