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5 Key Ratios Marketing Must Know

Credit union marketer must grow beyond ad buys, graphic design, copywriting, brochures, web design, SEO, SEM, and PR. A marketer must understand what Key Ratios they can impact and how. Knowing how marketing impacts the financials will dramatically change the conversation marketers have with the CEO and CFO. Here are five Key Ratios that Marketers…

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3X3 Essentials for Business Development

Business Development success is essential regardless of your credit union’s field of membership. BD success requires a focus on three critical measures: growing members, assets, and balances; the first 3 of the 3X3. Generating sustainable growth of members and assets is the key to a credit union’s survival. Even if one of your credit union’s…

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Marketing Must Know These Key Ratios

The primary Business Model for credit unions is very simple. It is Money in Money out. Credit unions buy Money ( deposits) from members (Cost of Funds) and then loans out those deposits to Members (Interest Income) at a higher interest rate (Margin). Of course, there are multitudes of nuance to this model, that’s why…

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