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So You Want to Be a Leader; A 3 Step Primer

First, let’s define leadership. Leadership IS NOT about title, rank, direct reports or hierarchal power. Leadership IS about creating change. A person that is not creating change is maybe good at tasks and people management but not a leader. Being a leader requires the individual to have the courage to take risks, use her/his voice…

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Seven Steps to Collaboration in Disagreement

When all parties are agreeable, collaboration is easy. It is when the parties are not agreeable that a leader goes to work. Disagreements can come from many sources and for many reasons but the key to connecting opposing positions starts with understanding all sides. How can a leader create a collaborative effort when disagreement is…

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10 Steps to Leadership Influence

Being influential is essential to being successful. Influence is a communication and behavioral skill that allows the leader to establish his/her authority into a situation that results in others responding with thought and/or action. To be an effective leader requires you to be an influencer. If you cannot influence others your only courses of action…

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