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Branching Strategy, It Starts with the Member

Historically branches are seen as transaction channels. Today, this view of branches has changed and continues to evolve. Members and potential members like the convenience of brick and mortar, they like the demonstration of financial strength and security, but the truth is, they rely less on branches for their daily, weekly and monthly transaction business…

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Creating a Digital Culture in Five Steps

Mobile utilization is now the preferred method for consumers to manage their money and make deposits, transfers, and payments. Too often, credit union staff is not keeping pace with member adoption of the digital channels. What can a credit union do to prepare their team to support their member’s digital needs? Nurture a digital culture…

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What’s Up With Bank Websites? 7 Things to Fix What’s Broken

Bank websites, look at them. They are ugly. They look like someone puked products and offers all over your iPad. They require the user to scroll endlessly. They have complex navigation points and menus, menus, and more menus. To research, find and buy requires many clicks. All of this is friction. Why can’t banks get…

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