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Seven Steps to Collaboration in Disagreement

When all parties are agreeable, collaboration is easy. It is when the parties are not agreeable that a leader goes to work. Disagreements can come from many sources and for many reasons, but the key to connecting opposing positions starts with understanding all sides. How can a leader create a collaborative effort when disagreement is…

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Leadership and GPS – “Recalculating”

Life is great if we had a “life GPS.” You know, “Darn, I missed that exit” followed by an immediate “recalculating” from a calm voice. It didn’t matter how I failed to follow instructions; the beautiful GPS voice kept me from losing sight of my goal and helped me readjust my tactics with that single…

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Great Endings yield Great Beginnings

December 31, 2014 is my final day at Eli Lilly FCU (soon to be know as Elements Financial). Rumors of my retirement at premature, it just isn’t in my DNA. Rich 4.0 (see will be working as an independent strategy consultant or with a progressive bank/credit union vendor. My core competencies include the following:…

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Leadership – Ya Gotta Get Prickly

The biggest threat to a team or organization is complacency. The minute a team is okay with the status quo, all growth, innovation, and improvement stops. One symptom of complacency is groupthink. This situation occurs when everyone sits in a meeting in silence, and the robotic bobble-heads begin to bob with every agenda item. We’ve all…

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The Rainmaker in Business Development

“We have 537 Select Employer Groups.” Pick a number, but how often have we heard this kind of boast? It can be the boast by a multi-common bond or a community field of membership credit union. Is this model of adding hundreds of small businesses into our membership prospects creating anything other than incremental growth…

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