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Career Setback or “The Sky Is Falling”?

If it hasn’t happened yet, it will. Suddenly, seemingly out of the blue, you get; pick one: Demoted, laid off, fired, passed over, or criticized for your execution of a project. What happens next will determine your future for a long, long time. When a career setback happens, it will most likely be very emotional.…

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Credit Union Culture in a #metoo World

#Metoo has created a new world of awareness and change in our society. After reading multiple posts from family, friends, and co-workers, I was shocked at how widespread gender and sexual harassment was in the workplace. When you see #metoo posts from your daughter and daughter-in-law, it saddens me to the core. Everyone needs to…

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Career Crisis – Stay or Leave

One of the most important decisions a leader can make in her/his role is “stay or leave” but it is amazing how many otherwise very competent, seemingly successful people make a bad decision. Be strategic with this decision. Is the feeling of career crisis due to a: Struggling business model? Bad boss? Leadership void or…

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