Innovation as a Core Competency – a journey to learn how to be different


Fulfilling an organization’s core value of being innovative takes an intentional approach to learning how to help leaders become innovative thinkers and doers and then cascading that cultural value to the entire organization.


What is the purpose of this engagement?

Many organizations have Innovative as a core value. But evolving from an organization that is task focused and dealing with the now will never become innovative. Instead, innovation requires intentionally changing their strategic planning, thinking, and problem-solving skills.

This engagement is designed to help organizations learn what Innovation is and how to become innovators and fulfill the cultural value of being Innovative; to transform the organization from “business as usual” to having Innovation as a core competency.

Who should attend?

The leadership team of an organization with Innovative as a core value believes Innovation is necessary for the company to sustain itself and thrive in a competitive marketplace.

How Leading2Leadership LLC transform an organization into being innovative?

Phase 1 – Learning to think like an innovator.

In this phase, the leadership team will learn the following:

  1. How to “Think as if there were no box.”
  2. A two-week exercise in thinking innovatively.
  3. This exercise is designed to train leaders to become innovators
  4. Daily, Monday-Friday, before 9 AM, each participant sends Rich Jones three new ideas.
  5. Rich Jones will aggregate these ideas for discussion and debate during Phase 2.

Phase 2 – The Innovation Journey – Onsite workshop – one day

In this phase, the leadership team will learn.

  1. The definition and purpose of true Innovation.
  2. The benefits of becoming an innovative organization.
  3. The steps in nurturing an innovative organization.
  4. Understanding the department’s and organization’s risk tolerance.
  5. To build and utilize a risk matrix to evaluate an innovation’s risk.
  6. How to measure, monitor, and report on Innovation.

Phase 3 – Building a Cadence of Innovation – One 60-90-minute meeting each month via Zoom and a quarterly meeting onsite.

In this phase, the leadership will be reporting on their innovation journey. The following steps will be reported on. How they are:

  1. Fostering a culture of Innovation.
  2. Encouraging cross-functional collaboration.
  3. Steps being taken in R&D.
  4. Reviewing technology and building vendor/FinTech relationships.
  5. Reviewing any recently completed risk matrices.
  6. Reviewing the Innovation reports.

Phase 4 – Annual review of the progress of the Innovation Journey – Two-hours onsite

In this meeting, the leadership team will:

  1. Report on any innovation started in their area.
    1. Report on the progress of each implementation/project.
    1. Report on the risks and rewards of a successful implementation
    1. Report on the accuracy of the risk matrix associated with each Innovation.
  2. Report on any innovations completed in their area.
    1. The actual organizational impact of the Innovation
    1. The innovation metrics used to evaluate the Innovation (balance attained, improved engagement, member impact, and improved processes.)
    1. Identify any innovations that are disappointing.
    1. Identify any innovations that are being considered misses and determine the next steps.
    1. Review all deployed innovations relative to the original risk matrix.

All reasonable  travel will be billed as incurred


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