Board of Director Education



A competent Board is an asset for the CEO and the entire organization. Board competency comes from the directors having critical strategic, financial, and analytical skills to make vital decisions and provide essential feedback on ideas. Getting to this point of value to the CEO requires a basic understanding of the organization’s business model and an understanding of their role and authority. This 7-week Zoom course will “jump-start” your new directors into this essential role.

Who should participate in this course?

  • New members of the Board of Directors
  • Members of the Supervisory Committee
  • Any chosen successors to future board seats
  • Any board members that are struggling with understanding their role or the business model

Workshop description

Board members need to understand the following to be of maximum value to the CEO and the organization:

  • The Income Statement
  • The Balance Sheet
  • The Key Ratios and how they are derived
  • The difference between Governance and Management
  • The difference between Strategy and Tactics
  • What they need to know to govern the organization properly
  • Succession Planning

This class will teach the participant what is required to become a more competent and influential Board member. The seven lessons are:

  1. What is an Income Statement and Balance Sheet
    • Learn the structure
    • Learn the purpose
    • Know what to look for
  2. What are the Key Ratios the CEO and CFO are most concerned about
    • Learn where to find these ratios
    • Learn what they mean to the safety and soundness of the organization
    • Learn how the ratios interact with each other
  3. Governance versus Management
    • Learn where one stops and the other starts
    • Learn how to get the information you need to do your job in governance properly.
  4. How to properly Govern
    • Learn what you can expect in reporting from management around safety and soundness.
    • Learn why and how you should govern the culture
  5. Strategic Planning
    • Learn the purpose of strategic planning
    • Learn the strategic planning models
  6. Strategy versus Tactics
    • Learn where one stops and the other starts
    • Get ideas on how management can report on strategic progress
    • Learn how you Govern the strategic plan
  7. Succession Planning
    • Learn why this is strategically important
    • Get some models for succession planning

In addition to these seven classes, participants will participate in the Board Member Self-Assessment Survey. From this survey:

  1. Each participant will have a one-hour, one-to-one self-assessment review with Rich Jones.
  2. The Chair will receive Board Member Survey Evaluation to understand the participants, strengths, weaknesses, unique skills they bring, and what gaps the class will close.

Course Format:

The Board Member Education is a Zoom course with virtual lectures and conversations. The one-to-one assessment is also via Zoom.

Each participant will receive a Board Member Self-Assessment by email. This assessment will be completed and returned to before the first class.


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