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Change is in my DNA. We don’t need to face change; we also need to embrace change. If you feel your credit union or CUSO needs to look at change differently and would like the steps to implement change,  my core competencies include the following:
Digital transformation – building a digital strategy, the tactics, the organizational roles, and an execution plan for organizations that want to compete in the digital economy. This includes digital transformation of the branches, digital transformation of the culture, digitizing operations and lending, and identifying a risk tolerance for compliance and regulation in a digital world.
Marketing strategy – building a marketing plan that meets the organizational KPIs using a blend of traditional, digital (including mobile), and branching strategies. This could include a marketing audit and/or branding, social media, and website strategies. I am an expert at connecting the financial needs of the organization to its marketing strategies.
Business Development strategy – Reinventing BD to partner with employer groups of scale (100 or more employees.) This could also include designing a performance-based compensation plan and job descriptions for BD and engagement strategies for the employees of the partner companies.
Data strategy – designing a plan for aggregating and mining your data sources so data becomes elemental to your strategic decisions and marketing efficiencies. This could include sourcing of MCIF software/services, job descriptions, creating a glossary of definitions for data, and plans to assure data integrity.
Cultural transformation – Service, as it is commonly defined, will not differentiate a company. A culturally branded culture can differentiate the organization in a way that others cannot replicate. This is a process to help an FI understand their brand and use that brand to transform their culture so that staff at all levels represent the brand values, promise, essence, mission, and values.
Leadership development – defining the credit union’s leadership culture, creating an internal mentoring program for leadership development and succession planning. This could include a leadership audit to discover the credit union’s leadership strengths, opportunities, sacred cows, and detractors/defectors.
Strategic planning – using proven planning techniques, this engagement is designed to help your organization create a future of possibilities and differentiation; what strategic planning should be. I will facilitate conversations with Senior Management and the Board of Directors that establish a clear direction for identifying your Mission and navigating the organization to your Vision of the future. We will identify what the “end” looks like, how it will be measured and set clear milestones along the way to monitor progress.

About Rich Jones

Strategic consultant and Keynote Speaker, Rich brings a deep experience in the disciplines of Strategic Planning, Marketing, Business Development, Digital Transformation, Data Utilization, Leadership Development and Cultural Alignment. A husband, father, runner, cyclist, beer drinker with a passion for life.

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