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Unconscious Bias – Keeping your institution from winning the war for talent?

By Mollie Otieno | November 25, 2019

Sometimes the best candidates don’t look like you…

Falling into a Great Career

By Mollie Otieno | October 15, 2019

What do you want to be when you grow up?  When you are little, it was magical to imagine what you might grow up to be: a ballerina, singer, movie star (or today a YouTube star), an astronaut – the list goes on. Every choice sounded and felt achievable. However, then you got to high…

The Struggle and Joy of Peer-to-Peer Coaching

By Mollie Otieno | October 8, 2019

By Mollie Otieno, a Learning and Development expert Peer-to-peer coaching is scary. Peer coaching often reveals a lot of our own insecurities. What will my team member think about me?  Will they still like me? What if they someday become my boss, will they seek to avenge my coaching efforts?  Am I putting my job…

M&A, There’s a Lot to do about Culture

By Rich Jones | October 3, 2019

One of the primary growth strategies for credit unions includes Mergers and Acquisitions. Any decent CFO can aggregate the income statements and balance sheets, and forecast the impact on the key ratios to establish the business case. But, an essential consideration for any successful Merger is how the two companies fit culturally. When the merger…

Work-Life Balance – A game of jump rope where your feet will get tangled

By Rich Jones | October 1, 2019

By Mollie Otieno, a Learning and Development expert We’ve read it 101 times – work-life balance – how to succeed at “having it all” – and that does sound nice. The thing is that work-life balance isn’t a myth – it’s a straight-up lie. In Rich Jones’s post (Work-Life Balance is a Myth,) from June…

Perceptions of You Enter the Room Before You Do

By Rich Jones | September 30, 2019

All too often, other’s perception of us can make or break our opportunities, adoption of our ideas, our futures. Perceptions of us result from the direct and indirect experiences others have had with us. Yes, opinions about us can become viral in an organization where assumptions are made about us by people we have never…

7 Steps to Transforming your Credit Union to a Digital Economy

By Rich Jones | September 26, 2019

It’s not a matter of if or even when, it is happening now. PNC, Wells Fargo, Key Bank, BofA, and Chase are experimenting with digital transformation now. What does your credit union/bank need to do to stay relevant in a digital economy? Create a digital strategy – This isn’t about SEO, SEM, websites, email, FaceBook,…

A New Expert for Your Reading!

By Rich Jones | September 24, 2019

Starting this week, I have added a guest blogger on Her name is Mollie Otieno. Mollie is a Learning and Development Expert for a $2B+ Asset credit union. Over the past few years, she worked her way from teller to her current role. Mollie brings some fresh thoughts and compelling insights as she talks about…

Learning to be the “Perfectly Imperfect” Me

By Rich Jones | September 24, 2019

Mollie Otieno is a new blogger to my site. Here is her introduction of herself – “Perfectly Imperfect”