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Three BIG Data Myths

By Rich Jones | June 18, 2018

Ignoring these myths could be catastrophic to your data strategy.

Creating a Digital Culture in Five Steps

By Rich Jones | May 23, 2018

Mobile utilization is now the preferred method for consumers to manage their money and make deposits, transfers, and payments. Too often, credit union staff is not keeping pace with member adoption of the digital channels. What can a credit union do to prepare their team to support their member’s digital needs? Nurture a digital culture…

Behavior is your Brand

By Rich Jones | March 14, 2018

Branding is often seen through the wrong lens. It is often seen as a combination of your logo, promise, voice, font, and color palette. But to leave it there is an injustice to what brand really is. The brand is behavior. The behaviors your members/customers experience when they engage your employees, products, and services. Think…

Strategic Planning is the Easy Part

By Rich Jones | February 20, 2018

Working with organizations across the country, I see a familiar miss-step in their strategic planning process. The process I’ve observed is as follows: Once a year a strategic planning event is scheduled with the Board and a few key executives The event starts with a “state of the industry today” presentation, typically by a consultant.…

Leadership – “Its Lonely at the Top”

By Rich Jones | February 6, 2018

This saying strikes a chord and gets especially real when we are fond of the people you lead. It is difficult to keep business and friendship separated, and when we fail, the consequences are painful for all parties involved. So, how do you create a work environment that leverages the power of people who enjoy…

Career Setback or “The Sky Is Falling”

By Rich Jones | January 30, 2018

If it hasn’t happened yet, it will. Suddenly, seemingly out of the blue, you get; pick one: Demoted, laid off, fired, passed over, or criticized for your execution of a project. What happens next will determine your future for a long, long time. When a career setback happens, it will most likely be very emotional.…

Pay for Performance and Reputation Risk

By Rich Jones | January 23, 2018

An increasing trend in the financial services sector is “pay for performance.” This practice shows up in several formats: Commission – rep is paid a percentage of balances acquired Incentive – rep is paid per closed referral Bonus – rep is paid based on goal performance over a set period (per month, quarter, bi-annually, annually)…

Credit Union Culture in a #metoo World

By Rich Jones | January 16, 2018

#Metoo has created a new world of awareness and change in our society. After reading multiple posts from family, friends, and co-workers, I was shocked at how widespread gender and sexual harassment was in the workplace. When you see #metoo posts from your daughter and daughter-in-law, it saddens me to the core. Everyone needs to…

Is your Credit Union’s Org Chart Strategically Aligned?

By Rich Jones | January 12, 2018

Is your credit union organized for today’s consumer? All too often credit unions are “stuck” in an organization chart that reflects the business of the past not the company of the future. But what needs to change? The Past had some or all of the following strategic leaders Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief…