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What’s Up With Bank Websites? 7 Things to Fix What’s Broken

By Rich Jones | August 4, 2014

Bank websites, look at them. They are ugly. They look like someone puked products and offers all over your iPad. They require the user to scroll endlessly. They have complex navigation points and menus, menus, and more menus. To research, find and buy requires many clicks. All of this is friction. Why can’t banks get…

Rich 4.0; The Reinvention of Self

By Rich Jones | August 2, 2014

Career change is about re-invention of self…

Leading from the Back

By Rich Jones | July 16, 2014

We often see a leader as the point person, but the reality is leaders very seldom take the point, and when all goes well maybe shouldn’t. Leadership doesn’t take courage; it takes owning the responsibilities of their decisions but then must also inspire the courage of others to act on those decisions. Taking responsibility is…

Marketing Must Know These Key Ratios

By Rich Jones | July 14, 2014

The primary Business Model for credit unions is straightforward. It is Money in Money out. Credit unions buy money ( deposits) from members (Cost of Funds) and then loans out those deposits to Members (Interest Income) at a higher interest rate (Margin). Of course, there are multitudes of nuance to this model, that’s why credit…

Keynote Speaker

By Rich Jones | June 30, 2014

“Presentations that engage, inspire and empower audiences”
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Strategic Planning

By Rich Jones | June 30, 2014

“Strategic Planning has two purposes, to create transformation and differentiation.
Anything less than that is a waste of resources and time.”
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Leadership Development

By Rich Jones | June 30, 2014

“Defining and implementing the organizations leadership model
and expectations yields high performing teams and sustainable succession planning”
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Redirect of Focus

By Rich Jones | June 30, 2014 is broadening its focus. Thoughtful posts on Leadership will still be present but I will also be publishing thoughtful posts on Marketing, Business Development, Big Data and Digital Strategies for credit unions and community banks. I hope you enjoy this expanded focus

Cultural Branding

By Rich Jones | June 30, 2014

“Successfully branding the culture will differentiate your organization
in a way that cannot be easily replicated by the competition.”
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