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Keynote Speaker

By Rich Jones | June 30, 2014

“Presentations that engage, inspire and empower audiences”
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Strategic Planning

By Rich Jones | June 30, 2014

“Strategic Planning has two purposes, to create transformation and differentiation.
Anything less than that is a waste of resources and time.”
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Leadership Development

By Rich Jones | June 30, 2014

“Defining and implementing the organizations leadership model
and expectations yields high performing teams and sustainable succession planning”
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Redirect of Focus

By Rich Jones | June 30, 2014 is broadening its focus. Thoughtful posts on Leadership will still be present but I will also be publishing thoughtful posts on Marketing, Business Development, Big Data and Digital Strategies for credit unions and community banks. I hope you enjoy this expanded focus

Cultural Branding

By Rich Jones | June 30, 2014

“Successfully branding the culture will differentiate your organization
in a way that cannot be easily replicated by the competition.”
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3 Steps to Team Alignment

By Rich Jones | June 11, 2014

How often have you worked with a team that isn’t on the same page? This familiar work situation of being misaligned is not the team’s fault but the responsibility of the leader/manager. What Elements are required for Team Alignment? 1. Purpose 2. Culture 3. Values When any of these three elements are out of alignment,…

Leading Change in Eight Steps

By Rich Jones | May 15, 2014

All teams have three participants: change agents, change neutrals and change resistors. The key to leading change is empowering the change agents, influencing the change equivocators and helping the change resistors understand the WIIFM (what’s in it for me). Here are the critical steps to leading change. First, identify who fits into these categories because…

5 Reasons to Redefine Leadership

By Rich Jones | April 20, 2014

Too often leadership is seen as the job of the chosen few and dictated by the org chart. Let’s move past this arcane concept and change our paradigm. Leadership isn’t for the few; leadership is for the masses. Here is why I know this to be true: 1. Marine Corps boot camp taught me that…

Leadership of Knowing When to Hand It Off

By Rich Jones | March 31, 2014

Leadership is about knowing when to step forward and knowing when to step away. Many times in my career I have had a chance to do both. In my experience, stepping forward is much easier than stepping back. In every leadership role, there is a tipping point. Where most leaders error is not seeing that…