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2019 is not a year for Wimps

Are you a resolutions person?

Personally, I’m not a big fan of resolutions. It seems they are just another way to procrastinate what you should have done days, weeks, months, or even, years ago. What I prefer to do to celebrate a new year is to evaluate, reinvent, and re-energize my focus and attention. How do I do that?

  1. I objectively evaluate the major wins, loses, successes, and disappointments and assign blame. I don’t know about you, but I seem to find that I typically own my loses and wins, but give responsibility for my wins and successes to others. Sometimes this is a team of people; sometimes it is a single person.
  2. I quickly look at what opportunities and threats, I will face in the new year and what I see as my strengths and weaknesses to be. Yes, this is a personal SWOT analysis. With eyes wide open, I try to:
    1. Align my strength’s abilities to sustain through the threats
    2. Determine what strengths are appropriate to properly leverage my opportunities
    3. Understand how I can make my weaknesses less of a barrier to my success.
  3. I then build my tactical plan on how to operationalize the strategies I’ve acknowledged in step 2. This is a process of
    1. Identifying what steps I will take for change those habits and behaviors that show up as weaknesses
    2. Identifying what resources or learning I need to embrace to become a better me
    3. Seeking the mentor or coach who can keep me on task and focused on my personal and professional improvement
  4. I finally timeline these tactics with deadlines. These deadlines I will share with my coach/mentor and other business associates that will help me stay on course to continual improvement.

A career is a “hero’s journey” and on that journey, we will need allies, people who believe in us and are willing to invest in us their trust, mentorship, and support.

Make 2019 and amazing year!

About Rich Jones

Strategic consultant and Keynote Speaker, Rich brings a deep experience in the disciplines of Strategic Planning, Marketing, Business Development, Digital Transformation, Data Utilization, Leadership Development and Cultural Alignment. A husband, father, runner, cyclist, beer drinker with a passion for life.

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