Cultural Branding

“Employees that embrace the elements of your brand and behave with members and each other consistently will bring life to your brand and make it real.”

Branding your culture isn’t about marketing but about how you employees serve your members and each other in a way that is noticeably different and values your employees are demonstrating in their work. At Leading2Leadership (L2L) we have a process that not only differentiates your service to your members but also does it by using your organization’s missions, purpose, promise and values as found in your brand. It also will positively impact the way your employees treat each other.

The L2L Process

Executive, marketing, and HR Interviews – to identify and validate the organizations:

  • Mission
  • Purpose
  • Promise
  • Values

Identify and confirm personality and behavioral attributes

We translate these personality and behavioral attributes into real actions and conversation by your staff

Identify – With HR the methods to train all staff on these behaviors

Create an employee guidebook – details how to live and behave within brand

Identify tactics – to keep this behavior alive

  • Internal brand
  • Ways to recognize extraordinary brand behaviors, internal and external)
  • Develop a training calendar for behavioral training

Identify the impediments – with the executives, marketing, and HR/training

Identify the gaps – between the existing behaviors and the ones the organization wants

Identify key tactics to close this gap

Set milestones for these tactics

Define how to measure – behaviors via coaching sessions and performance reviews

Define consequences – for “bad leadership behaviors”

Track tactic completion

Define a communication plan – for the organization on the new leadership culture, attributes. style and consequences

If you seek to align your culture to your mission, purpose, promise, and values, contact Rich at 720.256.4936 or

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