Create a Leadership Presence – 4 Steps

Some people just seem to have a leadership presence. They seem to own the room when they walk in. How does that happen? How can you create a leadership brand for yourself?

First we will identify the attributes of a leader.

Second conduct a personal inventory to see which of these attributes you now possess and which you need to develop. This personal inventory will include honest introspection, coaching sessions with supervisors, candid observations by mentors and frank conversations with peers, friends and family.

Third this collection of data will need to be distilled into three categories:
1. I already possess this attribute
2. Occasionally I demonstrate this attribute
3. I need to learn how to adopt this attribute

Fourth is to now take this inventory and put a plan for improvement to live these attributes in your daily life. This effort will take this village of supervisors, mentors, friends, peers and family to hold you accountable to these attitude and behavioral changes

To be seen as a leader, walk and talk with purpose, give of your knowledge and time freely, let others win, and accept responsibility for the failures.

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